Types of clients

The vast majority of our work arises from personal recommendations from previous Clients. Over many years we have got used to taking action against the same company time and time again because our name gets passed from executive to executive.

One major software company got so used to paying our costs that it put us on its preferred supplier list to make payments easier in the future! Our company clients range from stock market listed companies and UK arms of major international software companies to small and medium-sized owner-managed businesses.

Our executive clients include main board directors, sales executives, professionals and managers. We deal with clients all over the world where English Law applies. This means that, although most of our executive clients are in the UK, we deal, for example, with Bermudan bankers, oil industry executives in Dubai, Managing Directors of European subsidiaries of English Companies and ex-pat executives from all over the world.

The cost to you will depend on the length of time taken to complete the work – our time recording and billing is transparent. Clients can see what is ‘on the clock’ at any time and receive an explanation of all charges with each bill.