A note about this website

  • 22 September 2022
  • This website was built and is hosted using the following tools:

    Jekyll - a static website generator - there are numerous advantages to using a generator such as Jekyll rather than something such as Wordpress. Wordpress is great but as Jekyll sites are written in a combination of HTML and Markdown they are entirely portable and replicable.

    Forestry - this is a Git backed content management system that we use for precisely that purpose: content management.

    Formspree - we use this for our ‘contact us’ form. It allows custom forms without needing server access so that we can host on S3.

    Git/GitHub - we use this for version control, obviously storing the site in a private repository.

    AWS S3 - S3 stands for ‘simple storage solution’. We use it for storing the built website in a read only bucket.

    AWS Cloudfront - this is the content delivery network that we use to distribute the website.

    **AWS Route53 - Registrar for website **- we have always separated out hosting from domain registration and previously used 123 reg for this.

    Markdown - as above we write in Markdown where necessary on the CMS.

    Simple fast and responsive. We hope our legal advice is also simple, fast and responsive.