One of our specialist area is in the negotiation of termination packages and settlement agreements

Executives - Case Study 3

A Sales and Marketing Director of a VC backed company was dismissed without warning. The company’s reason for refusing to pay any compensation was that it was obvious that his position was redundant so he should have seen it coming. Despite attempting to negotiate, we got nowhere until we issued tribunal proceedings for our Client. It is rare for us to have to do this as nearly all cases settle.

However, in this case we did issue proceedings. Within the 28 days given by the tribunal for the company to respond, it agreed to our terms of settlement, agreed a settlement agreement, and concluded the deal. We were helped in this case by having sensible solicitors on the other side and by us taking a pragmatic and commercial approach to both the amount of settlement and the terms. The Client has expressed delight at the result. His total bill was only about £400 plus VAT more than the money that the company offered for legal costs so he was doubly happy.