News articles and opinion pieces from Steen & Co Employment Solicitors

Employment Tribunal Compensation Increase 2016
10 Mar 2016

Unfair Dismissal compensation increased (by a tiny amount)

Making sure you are paid in the correct year for PAYE purposes
10 Mar 2015

Payments towards the end of the tax year

The Unfair Dismissal (Variation of the Limit of Compensatory Award) Order 2013
08 Aug 2013

The maximum unfair dismissal award has now been capped at a year's pay or £74,200 whichever is the smaller

Changes to qualifying periods of unfair dismissal claims
08 Mar 2012

From 6th April new employees will have to wait 2 years to be able to bring an unfair dismissal claim

Male Employee wins sex discrimination case over maternity leave discrimination
06 Apr 2011

An article explaining a case involving a firm of solicitors who treated a woman favourably simply because of her maternity leave.

The Income Tax (Pay As You Earn) (Amendment) Regulations 2011
15 Mar 2011

HMRC have changed the way companies must deduct tax on payments made to ex employees

Successful defence of a claim that an employment tribunal was biased against the (losing) claimant
03 Mar 2011

Steen & Co Employment Solicitors some time ago successfully represented a major software company in an employment tribunal. The losing ex employee appealed to the EAT claiming that the employment tribunal was biased against her.

Statutory Maternity Pay - paying it in a lump sum is possible but be careful!
05 Sep 2010

It is possible to pay Statutory Maternity Pay in a compromise agreement but it has to be described as such and taxed properly

Serial Litigant in Employment Tribunals – a recent case and advice on how to deal with them
11 May 2010

Article on recent case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal regarding age discrimination and a serial litigant